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Planting campaign continues within the national project “Yashil makon”

People who planted saplings and created gardens have been glorified in our nation since ancient times. If everyone plants a sapling, not only humans, but also animals and birds will benefit from it. As a person should pay attention to his home, he should treat his surroundings in the same way. Because the whole Earth is a place for people. It was emphasized that every organization and every citizen should find their place in this meritorious work. Accordingly, the students

The courage of our students in the “One million trees” action deserves appreciation

Nature protection has become one of the most urgent problems of today. A number of environmental problems, such as scientific and technical progress, various demographic processes, and global climate change, are of reasonable concern to the world community today. In this regard, large-scale reforms have been carried out in our country, and special attention is being paid to the issues of land and surface resources, flora and fauna, protected by a separate clause of our Constitution, as well as a number

National movement “Green space” in Bukhara state medical institute

As everyone knows, protecting our nature and increasing the green world has risen to the level of state policy. On the initiative of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the month of planting saplings was started in our country within the national project “Yashil makon” (Green Space). Within the scope of this project, it was aimed to increase green areas, plant seedlings in the regions, organize greening and beautification works and events. It is planned to plant