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“World Earth Day”

In connection with the “World Earth Day” on April 22, an event was held under the slogan “Earth is the future of youth” with the aim of encouraging students and young people to protect ecology and the environment under the leadership of tutors of the Bukhara State Institute. The event was held on a large scale with the students of the institute in Bukhara “Somaniy” recreational park. Students of the Faculty of Biomedicine of the Bukhara

China’s experience in reducing poverty

On January 30 of this year at 17:00 hours, the public fund is planning to hold a webinar on “China’s experience in reducing poverty” with B. Yusufov, a doctorate student of Northwest University of the People’s Republic of China, our compatriot, through the Zoom electronic platform.

The nationwide Green Space project continues at the Bukhara State Medical Institute

There is a timeless folk saying that good things last forever. In fact, when a person builds a new building, he naturally plants a sapling, even if it is a single one, to be involved in eternity. On the initiative of Matluba Sanoyeva, vice-rector for scientific affairs and innovations of the Abu Ali Ibn Sina Bukhara State Medical Institute, 50 tree saplings were planted on the territory of the institute as part of the Green Space nationwide project.

BuxDTI delegation in the United Arab Emirates

The 2023 UI GreenMetric World University Rankings Results and Awards are currently underway at Abu Dhabi University, UAE.The event was opened with a speech by Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, UAE Minister of Tolerance and Peaceful Living.It is worth noting that Bukhara State Medical Institute and Bukhara State University, which are included in this rating, will be awarded today by the organizers.Rector of the institute Shuhrat Teshaev and Rector of BukhSU Obidjon Hamidov are also participating in the event.

Bukhara State Medical Institute is in the world’s prestigious “GreenMetrics UI” international rating

Recently, the international rating agency “UI Green Metric World University Ranking” of Indonesia announced the results of this year’s ranking of higher education institutions around the world.The Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali Ibn Sina was recognized as a steadily developing university among TOP-1000 higher education institutions in the prestigious ranking “UI Green Metric World University Ranking” and ranked 911 among world universities. It is the 1st place among medical universities in our country.At the same time, BuxDTI

🏢Preparation of land for planting seedlings has started in the Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali Ibn Sina as part of the “Green Space” nationwide project.

At the meeting of video selectors held on October 11 this year under the chairmanship of the head of state, the autumn season of the nationwide project “Green Space” was launched, and 85 million seedlings are planned to be planted in our country from October 25 to December 1. Professors and teachers of the Bukhara State Medical Institute have been actively participating in these important events, which have become a national movement, and are making their due contribution.

Cooperation continues

On October 27, within the framework of the international conference held at the institute, partner contracts were signed with a number of foreign organizations visiting our country. A memorandum was signed with Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali Ibn Sina and Bakhsheşehir University located in Istanbul, Turkey. According to cooperation, the introduction of student exchange, exchange of professors, exchange in scientific research and educational processes; A memorandum was signed between the two institutions on the basis of agreements

Cooperation without borders

Yesterday, on October 25, the second Eurasian forum on the treatment and diagnosis of orphan diseases, organized by the scientists of the Institute of Immunology and Human Genomics of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Academy of Sciences, the 70th anniversary of Academician Tamara Aripova, started its work at the InterContinental Hotel. Shuhrat Teshayev, rector of the Abu Ali ibn Sino Bukhara State Medical Institute, professors and teachers Nekqadam Nuraliyev, Ma’mur Abdurahmanov