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Indians living in Bukhara celebrated their national holiday

Young people of Indian nationality have been holding their ancient beautiful traditions, national holidays and ceremonies in our country.On October 26, they celebrated their ancient festival – Maha Navami. This ritual is also known as Durga Navami.In states in South India, Maha Navami is also celebrated as Ayudha Puja or Astra Puja. The origin of the festival lies in the legendary battle between Goddess Durga and demon Mahishasura. It is also a symbol of the battle between good and evil that

Important events of the international week of innovative ideas “”, which is traditionally held every year, have come to an end.

In the Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali ibn Sina, the exhibition of innovative ideas and developments of university scientists and students, evaluation processes of intellectual projects based on established criteria will be held on October 21. The participants defend their intellectual projects and innovative developments in the working group, justifying the benefits of further implementation. At the end, the winners of the “Start-up” project were awarded.


On October 20, students of the Turkish medical faculty of the Bukhara State Medical Institute took an active part in the Zakovat intellectual houses held at the Youth Hall.

Increase domestic tourism

A visit to the Warnet Park was organized on October 20 in order to increase domestic tourism together with the students of the 3rd year SPB GPMU-21 group of the International Faculty of the Bukhara State Medical Institute.

“Green space”

In the city of Bukhara, under the leadership of the governor of the region, in cooperation with various organizations, plantings of various types of decorative and fruit production were held throughout the region. The rector of our institute Sh.J. Teshayev, youth union leader B.Murodov, activists of the Youth Council and volunteers eco-volunteers took an active part in this eco campaign and contributed to beautification and support work.

The rector of the Bukhara State Medical Institute continues to study the problems of young people

Shukhrat Teshayev, rector of the Abu Ali ibn Sino Bukhara State Medical Institute, chairman of MFY, and responsible officials visited the home of disabled youth living in Shafirkon district. In particular, Shukhrat Teshayev is also studying the issues related to young people living in the districts joined to him. He conducted practical work aimed at finding solutions to their problems and appeals for health restoration.

Visit of Italian guests

On October 13, famous orthopedic scientist Dr. Alberto Belluati, professor of Vita-Salute San Raffaello University in Milan, Italy, and his team visited Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali Ibn Sina. It should be noted that this university is ranked 598th in the world in the QS ranking and is considered one of the leading higher education institutions in medical biology. The Italian guests, accompanied by the rector of the institute, professor Shuhrat Teshayev, got acquainted with the

A trip to the historical monuments of Bukhara

A trip to the historical monuments of Bukhara was organized in order to meaningfully organize the time before class and develop domestic tourism for the 1st year students of the Medical Faculty of the Bukhara State Medical Institute.

The deputy of the Oliy Majlis came to the institute

Distinguished guests of the republican scientific-practical conference on the topic “Actual problems of the organization of emergency medical care: issues of joint injuries and acute cardiovascular pathologies in the regions” took place in Bukhara. Participant of this conference, MP Borisova Yelena Mikhaylovna, chairman of the Committee on Citizens’ Health of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, visited the institute. The guest was welcomed by the rector of the institute Shuhrat Teshayev, the

The “Girls’ Voice Forum” event on the theme “Girls are the support of the nation” has come to an end at the Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali Ibn Sina.

On the occasion of October 11 International Girl’s Day, a group of female students were awarded with a letter of thanks from the institute and souvenirs for their exemplary behavior, their thirst for knowledge, their activeness in public affairs, and their special initiative and self-sacrifice to increase the role of women in society. For the high level of organization of the event, Manaviat – Enlightenment Center donated a collection of books to the Kyzlarjon library.