“Green energy” at Bukhara state medical institute named after Abu Ali ibn Sino

It is known that in recent years, large-scale efforts to increase the scope of introduction of “green energy” have been carried out in our country. Today, the Bukhara State Medical Institute also contributes to the United Nations General Assembly Resolution No. 70 adopted at the UN Sustainable Development Summit in September 2015, as well as to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Global Agenda until 2030.

In August 2022, 100 kW solar panels producing alternative energy were installed in the new campus of the institute according to goal “7. Affordable and clean energy”. Today, 50 kW of solar panels produce electricity for a 900-seat educational building and 50 kW for a clinic building. Solar panels are now produced electricity on average 24 million soums per month and per year it will allow to save electricity on average 288 million soums. In addition, it is planned to install 20 pcs 200-liter solar water heating devices in the buildings of the student accommodation.

Our work in SDG 7 is also linked to these other Sustainable Development Goals.