Bukhara State Medical Institute is in the world’s prestigious “GreenMetrics UI” international rating

Recently, the international rating agency “UI Green Metric World University Ranking” of Indonesia announced the results of this year’s ranking of higher education institutions around the world.
The Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali Ibn Sina was recognized as a steadily developing university among TOP-1000 higher education institutions in the prestigious ranking “UI Green Metric World University Ranking” and ranked 911 among world universities. It is the 1st place among medical universities in our country.
At the same time, BuxDTI was duly recognized in the nomination “the most active institution”.

The quality education system and infrastructure of the institute, the level of use of green energy, as well as the activity of the institute in the fields of climate change, water problem, transportation, science and research were studied and highly evaluated by the international rating agency.
For reference, the UI Green Metric World University Ranking is a green campus and environmental sustainability ranking organized by Universitas Indonesia in 2010. This competition is a ranking of world-class higher education institutions conducted by “Universitas Indonesia” and aims to transparently determine the results of environmental commitments and initiatives of universities through 39 indicators on 6 criteria. Therefore, UI Green Metric World University Ranking is a global ranking of “green” universities.
It should be said that the success of BuxDTI is based on the implementation of the nationwide project “Green Space” which has gained momentum in our country under the initiative of the President and the commitment of the people to the destiny of a clean world.
Let’s remind that the institute took the 4th place in the national ranking of higher educational institutions of the country.