The first stage of the intellectual game “Smart Reader” organized by the primary organization of the youth union of the Bukhara State Medical Institute for intelligent and eager students was held.

Talented and eager students of Bukhara State Medical Institute participated in the game.
Get acquainted with the results of heated and uncompromising debates:

1st place: “Intellect-2” team.
2nd place: “Dream team”.
3rd place: “Oppenheimer” team.

The 5 teams with the best results after 3 rounds will get a ticket to the rector’s cup, which will be organized on November 17 “International Students’ Day”. The 2nd round matches will be held on November 3, 2023.

✔️List of recommended literature:
“The affairs of the world.” Otkir Hashimov.
“The Old Man and the Sea”. Ernest Hemingway.