On May 17, the rector of the Bukhara State Medical Institute received information about the situation of young people in need of love from Shafirkon

Actions on the development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the strategy “Improving the state policy on youth”. Special attention to youth problems in the dedicated priority area
the number of unorganized youth is increasing year by year analysis of the current legislation and the practice of its application improving the legislative norms related to youth issues by
definition of the concept of “unorganized youth” in the Law on “policy”. Guarantees of social protection of unorganized youth requires the formation.

The President’s policy on youth included exactly such factors. Yesterday, the group headed by Shuhrat Teshayev, rector of the Abu Ali ibn Sina State Medical Institute of Bukhara, visited Shafirkon district and met with young people with health problems and disabilities.

Delivered essential food products to needy families and studied their problems.
He also informed that appropriate assistance will be provided for medical examinations and treatment of his health problems.

Shukhrat Teshayev, deputy of the Bukhara Regional Council of People’s Deputies, continues to have such a meeting with young people.