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🏢Preparation of land for planting seedlings has started in the Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali Ibn Sina as part of the “Green Space” nationwide project.

At the meeting of video selectors held on October 11 this year under the chairmanship of the head of state, the autumn season of the nationwide project “Green Space” was launched, and 85 million seedlings are planned to be planted in our country from October 25 to December 1. Professors and teachers of the Bukhara State Medical Institute have been actively participating in these important events, which have become a national movement, and are making their due contribution.

Startup project

Creation of a national exhibit zoo-museum in order to collect, store, replenish, protect zoological exhibits and develop foreign tourism. Field of application: School, college, educational and tourist areas. This startup project is planned to be implemented in 2024-2027.

Startup project

Launching a DNA model to use as a demonstration tool for students in science education. Field of application: school, high school, college, higher education. This startup project will be implemented in 2024.

The first stage of the intellectual game “Smart Reader” organized by the primary organization of the youth union of the Bukhara State Medical Institute for intelligent and eager students was held.

Talented and eager students of Bukhara State Medical Institute participated in the game.Get acquainted with the results of heated and uncompromising debates: 1st place: “Intellect-2” team.2nd place: “Dream team”.3rd place: “Oppenheimer” team. The 5 teams with the best results after 3 rounds will get a ticket to the rector’s cup, which will be organized on November 17 “International Students’ Day”. The 2nd round matches will be held on November 3, 2023. ✔️List of recommended literature:“The affairs of the world.” Otkir

Cooperation continues

On October 27, within the framework of the international conference held at the institute, partner contracts were signed with a number of foreign organizations visiting our country. A memorandum was signed with Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali Ibn Sina and Bakhsheşehir University located in Istanbul, Turkey. According to cooperation, the introduction of student exchange, exchange of professors, exchange in scientific research and educational processes; A memorandum was signed between the two institutions on the basis of agreements

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